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Patient Transition Improvement Project

Project Description: This project will involve collaboration between the surgical intensive care unit (4W) and two medical/surgical units (5W and 55) on improving patient transitions from the ICU to med/surg units. This project will provide the patients and families with the opportunity to tour the receiving unit and to have an opportunity to speak to an identified designee from the receiving floor. The purpose of this project will be to improve patient satisfaction through the development of a structured transition process from the ICU to MS. The leader of this project will be the unit educator for 4West T.Jennifer Boneta, BSN, RN, CCRN, who is taking part in the Rose Rivers leadership fellowship program. The additional facilitators will assist in helping to take patient's family members on a tour of the receiving unit and also serve as designees to speak with patient and their family.

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Collaborators: Lauren, Ochoa, (; Angela, Larson, (; (; (; (; (; (; Jillianne, Brakenridge, (; Colleen, Counsell, (; Elno, Palonpon, (; Tamara, Boneta, (; Peggy, Marker, (; Esther, Samraj, (

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