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Improving Procedural Competency in Pediatric Residents at the University of Florida

Project Description: Based on ACGME survey results, there were multiple procedures which graduating residents in our program did not feel comfortable performing without supervision. While there are specific procedures that need to be completed before graduation, there is little guidance on where to get these experiences. In addition, it appears that residents are not logging procedures in a timely fashion, which could delay the program in determining the rotations in which there is a deficiency in procedural experiences. The ACGME has a set amount of procedures that must be completed prior to graduation in order for residents to display competency in performing procedures unsupervised. It is important that as residents graduate and move on to their careers, that they feel competent in procedures they may encounter as pediatricians. Furthermore, if residents face barriers to logging procedures, the program will not know if residents are having difficulty gaining experience in certain rotations.

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MeSH Keywords: Clinical Competence, Competency-Based Education, Internship and Residency, pediatrics, entrustable professional activities