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BMTU Nurse Fellowship Program: A Strategy to Nurture Nurses Hired on BMTU and Reenergize and Retain Current Staff

Project Description: Bone Marrow Transplant (BMT) Nursing requires a specialized body of knowledge that is not taught within traditional nursing programs, hospital or nursing orientation, or hospital medical-surgical classes. In fact, at this institution, there are no trained Oncology Educators or Clinical Nurse Specialists. These deficits have created a situation where the unit-based nurses and leadership must provide all the teaching and knowledge to care for BMT patients. However, aside from the obligatory ten-week orientation and a teaching deprived mentorship program, no formalized education occurs to help new BMT nurses progress on the novice to expert continuum. Currently, the BMT unit is experiencing high turnover of staff (26% within their first year) and hard to fill positions (27.1% vacancy rate with some positions open for over a year). The goals of nurse fellowship programs (NFP) are to improve retention, competency and confidence of new nurses, while increasing quality patient outcomes. We propose that competency, retention rates, certification rates, and employee engagement will increase in BMT unit with the addition of a structured NFP.

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MeSH Keywords: nursing fellowship, nurse retention, bone marrow, resiliency, improved outcomes