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Creating order set for pediatric orthopaedics patients specifically Scoliosis patients

Project Description: Standardization of postoperative patient care will enhance patient's experience and also increase the speed of recovery. We are trying to apply a postoperative protocol with focus of pain management which enable the orthopedics patient to mobilize sooner after the surgery and will decrease the length of stay. This protocol is already being used in well know children's hospitals nationwide. We modified the protocol base on our practice. In this project, we design order sets and educate our staff to use these orders on our pediatric scoliosis patients and also general pediatric orthopaedics patient population. This protocol has been used in Philadelphia Children’s Hospital in the past few years. It has been shown that it reduces the length of stay. We have been using it for the last year with good results. AVG patient LOS is 3 days. In order to have a standardized protocol amongst all providers for all patients, we designed an epic order set. Order set is currently under review.

QPI: Ali, Zarezadeh, (


Advisors: Sarah, Molinari, (; Laurel, Blakemore, (

UF Health Big Aims: Enhance the Patient Experience None

MeSH Keywords: Length of Stay, Pain, Postoperative, Physical Education and Training, Postoperative Care, Scoliosis