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Assessing nursing knowledge of pediatric delirium in the Pediatric Intensive Care Units

Project Description: Delirium in the Pediatric ICU is a common, yet extremely under-recognized problem. The presence of delirium is independently correlated with increased length of stay in the intensive care unit, days on mechanical ventilation and overall mortality. Additionally, there may be long term psychosocial outcomes in those who experience delirium. With that, there is a large movement within the adult and pediatric critical communities to improve the recognition of delirium and implement screening tools. We will be implementing delirium training in the pediatric intensive care unit (PICU), as well as in the pediatric cardiovascular intensive care unit (PCICU). Prior to receiving training materials, nurses will complete a 20 question pre-test. Materials provided for education will include paper hand-outs, case scenarios, online modules, and videos. Participation will be encouraged to all nursing staff, but participation will be voluntary. At the completion of training, nurses will complete a 20-question post-test to assess for improvement.

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Advisors: Jennifer, Munoz Pareja, (

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MeSH Keywords: Delirium, Delirium Screening, Illness severity