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Implementation of a Relationship-Based Care Model of Nursing Practice on a Medical Surgical Trauma Unit: Impact on Nursing and Patient Satisfaction

Project Description: The interaction between the patient and nursing staff has been a key component in patient satisfaction. As patients progress along the care continuum they are dealing with frustration and loss due to unexpected hospitalization for the trauma patient. Our goal is to enhance communication during this very stressful experience. Communication between the patient and caregiver is an important element of providing quality patient care. The relationship-based care model focuses on the nurses’ relationship with patient as the central element of the care they provide. It affirms the values that are the foundation of nursing practice, creating an environment where nurses feel they make a difference. Relationship-based care reflects the patients’ values and engages them as partners as issues and priorities are addressed. Relationship-based care also had been shown to enhance teamwork by focusing on the nurses’ relationship with peers and other staff members, thus improving both nursing and patient satisfaction. Our goal is to enhance the communication with the patient by focusing on relationship-based care on a medical surgical trauma unit. The purpose of the study is to evaluate whether or not the implementation of the relationship-based care in which nursing establish caring relations that focused on the patients know values versus the traditional “task oriented” team nursing model of care, makes a difference to both patient and the nursing staff in terms of their satisfaction. Data in the literature indicate that it may, although the data are few and the models are relatively new and few in number. This model seems to be the new “in vogue” solution for how to improve patient and nurse satisfaction.

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MeSH Keywords: Patient Comfort, Patient Reported Outcome Measures, Continuity of Patient Care, Patient Care, Nurse-Patient Relations