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Discharge Disposition

Project Description: During the discharge process neuromedicine providers are faced with approximately 80 options of locations to discharge patients to.These options include but are not limited to skilled nursing facilities, rehabilitation hospitals, long term care hospitals, and returning home with or without home care. It is suspected that due to the ample number of options, providers are utilizing all options which can result in the majority of patients returning home, where they may or may not receive sufficient home care. In 2016 Neurology inpatient discharges saw 49% of patients returning home with no planned readmission, 15% to a rehab facility with no planned readmission, 8% to a skilled nursing facility and 2% to a long term facility with no planned readmission. Inpatient Neurosurgery saw 54% of patients returned home after discharge, 15% to rehab facilities, 2% to long term care and 4% to skilled nursing facilities all without planned readmissions. It needs to be determined if these trends in location are adequately meeting the patient needs or are due to habit and the lengthy list. Ensuring a proper discharge process directly affects hospital readmission rates and patient satisfaction.

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